Bikram Yoga


Bikram’s therapeutic Hatha/Raja Yoga class is a series of 26 yoga stretching postures, or asanas, and breathing exercises performed in a heated room.  Each asana is a challenge based on one’s personal abilities.  The heated room is a safe environment for deep stretching without the risk of injury, helping to relieve resistant joints, muscles and ligaments while flushing the organs of toxins and restoring the body’s natural balance — just as nature intended.

Yoga is not an enigma.  It is a 5000 year old science.  It is unrivaled as a means of improving body health and suppleness, of creating peace of mind and absence of stress.  But there are no promises of instant gratification.  It does not magically change the world around you.  The amount of effort you put into this science is returned to you.  Then you begin to see, with patience and diligence, how you can, with peace, deal with this world and yourself in it.

Be prepared to work hard.  Be prepared to make demands of yourself and to sweat.  The more you put into the class, the more you will get out of it.  It is an awesome journey.  Be patient with yourself and enjoy!

A regular Bikram Yoga practice will change your life in the most wonderful ways and can help: weight loss, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, immune deficiencies, skin conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, arthritis, joint pain, chronic back pain, scoliosis, spinal injury, high cholesterol, heart disease, poor circulation, diabetes, hypoglycemia, sciatica, menstrual cycles, menopause, accident recovery, injury & pain, endocrine function, metabolism and emotional healing.