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My name is Kimiko Foster, I took my first Bikram yoga class in Jan 2009 and began a regular practice the following September. For me, change happened fast. In the first four months of practice I saw dramatic changes in my body, practice, and mentality. 90 minutes inside a hot room changed how I lived my life for the other 22.5 hours of the day. I was happier, healthier, and a better

I became a teacher so I could share this experience with others. Its a hard practice, no doubt, but I feel it represents a true commitment to your health. Taking 90minutes today, for your own benefit tomorrow, thats preventative medicine baby! 

It is by far the most fulfilling job on this planet! I heart bikram yoga.



Abbey Lee 

How long have you been practicing: Since 2000

When and where did you do your Teacher Training: Fall 2003, Los Angeles, CA

What do you heart about the yoga: Knowing that even on the days when I feel like I don't heart the yoga, it's still hearts me!

What do you heart about teaching: The community of dedicated yogis and yoginis at Bikram Yoga Saanich -- you've all helped make the studio such a happy, sweaty home!



How long have you been practicing: I was introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2003, but only began a steady practice in February 2007.

When and where did you do your Teacher Training: Palm Springs, Spring 2009!

What do you heart about the yoga: The fact that sweating in that room for 90 minutes can so clearly highlight what is most important and vital in your life, and bring about every type of change necessary.

What do you heart about teaching: Beginners! Most of them are fearless and totally in the moment. It's humbling to watch.

Any miracles: The more my students come to class, the more they smile when they come through the door. It's in the little things.





How long have you been practicing: Started in 2000, took my naughty middle daughter [Abbey] to her first class. The rest is history.

When and where did you do your Teacher Training: Los Angeles Fall 2005

What do you heart about the yoga: I heart the consistency of the bikram series the postures never have to change because the body is constantly being change by the postures.

 What do you heart about teaching: The opportunity to expose everyone to the benefits of Bikram yoga, encouraging and empowering people to take responsibility for their own health and happiness.

 Any miracles: I am with Albert Einstein... “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”



Peter C Nurse

How long have you been practicing: I have been practicing yoga for 4 years, 4 months.

When and where did you do your Teacher Training: I completed my training in the summer 2008 in Acapulco.

What do you heart about the yoga: I love many things about the yoga, the first is the intensity of the class, the constant challenge. I found a way to continue rigorous training, without further injuring my body and during the course of this training, I have discovered that healing is truly possible. Bikram yoga brings people from all walks of life together into one room and for 90 minutes the rest of the world cesses to exist. The only thing that matters is yourself. You are submerged into an environment discovering the endless capabilities of the human body. You start to realize that anything is possible. These are the things I love about the yoga.

What do you heart about teaching: Teaching is an amazing experience, extremely rewarding and an amazing environment to be apart of. Watching people transform their lives in so many ways, listening to their stories of both pain and suffering, be it mental of physical, become apart of their past.  Watching people contort their bodies in ways they never thought possible. WOW. Some things in life are truly meant to be experienced and this is one of them. It simple reminds me that I really do have the best job on earth. Thank you Bikram, from all of us.


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